Best man and Beltane

thornborough_henge Two blog worthy things happened today. The first of which;  I’ve been asked to be a best man to an absolute top guy – Henry Morris. The same Henry Morris who runs ultra marathons (for instance, the Hardmoor 113 mile race – off road with 5,700m ascent), direct internationally acclaimed Shakespeare plays, was a respectable Mastermind contestant (specialist subject, The KLF) and yet still find the time and energy for having massive amounts of  fun with his mates. Given the amount of top gents he could have chosen from for the hallowed title, I have to say I’m utterly honored.  The future Mrs. Morris is so very lovely. Lovely lovely couple. The came round for lunch and filled us in on the news. The stag do though – early days yet, but something tells me it’s not going to be a quiet pint down the local.

The second blog worth event was a ‘ Beltane‘ Festival we went to at Thorborough Henge. We popped up last year for the afternoon as well – incredible location.  Back in it’s day, it would have been a bit like Stone Henge, but 18 times bigger.

areal view of the three henges. Image : Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

A few years ago, a bunch of people got together and largely thanks to their awareness activism, lobbying and petitioning, prevented a quarrying company from encroaching further into this important heritage site. I’m so glad they did – a bunch of festivals were held – called “Thornborough Festival” which I very much enjoyed ‘working’ at and being involved with. These festivals were at a nearby site due to a lack of access to the actual henge site, however the landowners (Tarmac) allow the Beltane festival to take place once a year on the actual henge site proper.

A peaceful vibe – very laid back. A lot of people dressed up as.. well.. Pagans. Some of it felt a bit artificial in that sense – borderline pretentious – but that didn’t matter. Another reason for the chill factor was the lack of bands. There were a few instruments dotted about – lovely bit of fiddle when we arrived for instance, but no actual bands to speak of. No amps, no stages, no real focal points. Probably not a million miles off how it would have been  3500 to 2500 BC when it is estimated they were constructed.  A few stalls but not the usual commercial trappings of festiville. This had the effect on pushing individuals and interesting characters to the forefront, and they were their in abundance. Met some interesting folk, a very likable, trustworthy crowd. Bumped into a few old friends – and their dogs.. dogs dogs dogs. Lots of dogs – all sorts. Full on dog fest.

So it’s now about half ten, Sunday night, and I’ve got the warm glow of not having to get up in the morning. I’ve just had a friend ask me if I want to go out, but I think I’ll stop in. It’s been a busy 24 hours. I DJd a party last night as well – I’ve not done that in a while. Great fun. I was supposed to go to a techno night in Leeds for a mates birthday but that wasn’t possible, so ended up mixing it up in Harrogate instead – quite glad really although would have loved the night in Leeds by the sound of it. I don’t think I could have squeezed as much in today if I’d been to an all-nighter last night.

Anyhoo – I’m off to go and read for a bit. S’later.

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