Double X, X-Pro

Photo15_15I got a film back from the lab today, which included the above image. The image is straight out of the camera – no digital trickery. I achieved it by using two techniques – double exposure and cross processing.  I shot two photos on the the same piece of transparency film that I had processed through standard negative C41 processing (which is ‘the wrong’ process for transparency film) – aka “cross processed”. I’m quite pleased with it – the geometric shapes, the converging parallels. Straight lines of the buildings with the curved lines of the railway tracks. I achieved this result by first taking one exposure, then holding down the film transport release button on the bottom of my camera (a LOMO LC-A)  and winding the mechanism on without moving the film – then taking a second shot. Both were taken from the bridge over the railway track at the train station, Harrogate UK.

Also on the film, were some shots I took at Beltane festival and a party last weekend. Here’s a link to them.

Other than that, we’ve had a chilled / constructive combo day.  DIY shopping, some friends over for tea and a big ol chill, mid afternoon. Last night I ended up going to a gig at Zoso, Harrogate. Unity Reggae Band I think they were called – a 5 piece from Leeds. Very good. Ended up having a couple of halves of shandy and feeling a bit rough this morning. Onwards and upwards though sorted me out. Going for a walk with dog is a great tonic to a morning after.Highly recommended.


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