Grove Road School Disco

Best Disco Ever


Tonight’s annual school disco at Grove Road School Harrogate, was the “Best Disco Ever” according the kid who wrote lovely note I found on the floor. If I was still an actual real kid I’d probably have thought the same.

I’ts a bit of an institution, a real community event. We’ve been going every year for probably 10 years (we’ve had kids at Grove Road for quite a while now with plenty more batting to come).  Each year seems to bolt on a new attraction – there’s the DJ – who for years was a fella called Super Worm – a kind of a chuckle brothers meets Timmy Mallet kind of character, was replaced this year with the suit clad Mark Granger of Elite Mobile Disco. Big chart choons, lots of mic and arm fulls of sweets. They loved him! His “I’m going to give a special prize out to the first kid who comes up to me with some missing front teeth” idea could have gone horribly wrong, but he got away with it.

The stall selling flashy wands, flashy glasses, flashy hair clips and glowstick bangles was a big hit as was the UV face painting room (set off nicely with the UV cannon that the DJ brought along). The sweet stall was apparently (according to my friends daughter) undercutting the local shops price on FIZZ WIZ SUPER LOUD POPPING ACTION candy by a whole 20p per unit. There was a stockpile frenzy once that new leaked, I can tell you.

A pretty good effort on the ‘something for everything’ (including the mums and dads) factor – a bar and a silent auction. I got to sit with Annie Mo in this area for most of it and chat to loads of lovely folk who zoom in on the baby. I may be guilty for making a whole lot of mums super broody though this evening (and a few dads).

Mr Howson was probably the star of the show. He’s one very cool teacher. He’s got long hair and everything. He showed the kids his Michael Jackson moves and man, that guy knows how to moonwalk.

WP_20130517_20_07_04_SmartShoot (1)


The grand finale  (every good party needs to leave the crowd baying for more) was a mother load of balloons that were unleashed just after the ‘lights back on’ bit at the end.



Popping candy, popping baloons, pop music, popping kids. Proper. Props.

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