Hackers – get a proper job

Woken up this morning (slight discomfort, co codomol worn off, re dosed, see last post) to find my twitter account and/or pinterest account has been hacked. The hacker had pinned a story on my pinterest account (a service I rarely use – like tumblr, pinterest is more about curation of content, where as I’m more about the creation) about rapid weight loss with links to – I assume – something for me to spend money on.

I deleted the posts and  changed my passwords – this hopefully fixes the problem and prevents the hackers from using your account again. What’s probably happened is that I’ve authorised a third party service to use my account on my behalf. This service itself – it could be any number of things – has used the authorisation to do post stuff. That’s my guess anyway. There are other ways hackers get into ones accounts, but again, the quick fix is generally to change your passwords.

This annoys me. I’m very net savvy yet I’ve been stung. Friends and followers who trust me may have followed the link. Hacker win. I’ve noticed a rash of identity / account hacking in hotmail recently – I’ve been getting email trying to sell me spurious services and products from friends hotmail accounts. When this happens I try and warn them straight away as often, people don’t realise its happened.

My message to hackers is this – stop spoiling our internet. Stop being sub human filth. Go and get a proper job. Karmas gonna get you unless you stop right now and be good. Even then, you’ve got some catching up to do, so why not donate a bunch of money to charity and/or use your skills to do something good.

The thing that gets me – what’s being done is often technically and strategically complex and highly skilled. These same skills could be redeployed to, say, promote a product or service in a morally OK way with fair chance of success. Hackers – behave! Get a proper job!

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