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Bank holidays are fantastic things. It’s more than an extra day,  a 1/3 extra weekend, it’s an actual mini holiday. We should by now, as a human race be able to organise things so that we can have more holiday, more often.

Over the last few generations holidays have been on the up though. There was a time when there was no such thing as a holiday, one worked or existed all the time. Usually from first light to last light with (Anno Domini) typically a Sunday as a day of rest,  in Christendom.  Then (thankfully) the big industries cottoned on to the advantages of letting their employees have a week off.

If I was a coal miner like my Great Grandad Holmes, I might have looked forward to taking the family off to Saltburn for a week. It would have kept me going I guess, in the long dark winters when I didn’t see daylight except on Sunday through most of my career.

Now a days, we get more holidays than we’ve ever had. I get 26 days plus bank holiday which is probably a bit above average for this part of the world but I can’t help but wonder if doing two things wouldn’t be more interesting and productive. I think we’ve got the capacity to be ‘expert’ in two fields. We’d get the same amount achieved – perhaps even more and we’d all have a much more varied life.

Someone explained a job sharing concept to me once that stuck in my mind :  two people, one job. Person 1 works 3 days then has 4 days off then works 4 days then has 3 days off. Person 2 does the inverse of this. The production of that job may increase as it’s been enacted 7 days a week. The seat could be occupied all year round, so the 150 days+ extra would be a bonus for the company and I guess that people are more productive after they have had a break, more would get done as they’d be fresh.

I’ve no idea where I’m going with this blog post. The main thing I wanted to spraff on about was that Bank holidays are AOK. I’d like to have more of them, or figure out a way that society (with all it’s ‘labour and time saving’ devices) could let us have a 3 day weekend – standard.

As you can probably deduce from my last post, I’ve made the most of this bank holiday by having a day at the cricket yesterday. I had half a shandy or two in the sun then nodded off in a pub type setting after the match with some friends. I’d been bundled into a taxi and sent home and I realised I had just 9 minute to hit my self imposed deadline of a blog, every day for this year. Just made it, in the nick of time (with admittedly a rather sorry excuse of a blog.)

Today has been funny. We tried to go for a picnic near Birstwith, but everything conspired against us. First up – we forgot to go to the shops to buy bread – so turned around and headed back to Harrogate. The second thing we noticed, after parking up was a ridiculous error of not having any nappies – I think that’s the first time we’ve ever done that though all 4 kids. We fashioned a nappy out of bits and bobs (you don’t want to know) and set off. Our picnic spot is (or was) a beautiful little patch grass and sand by the river Nidd. It’s about 50m from the public right of way path, but they’ve now fenced it off and stocked it with sheep. Shame – we’ll have to hunt down a new idyl.

Tea was nice though – a visit from a top mate who was up from London for the weekend. Spagbol, wine, chinwaggery, then finished a great book that I’ve been reading to Sophie for the past few weeks called Minow on the Say. Part mystery novel, part snapshot of village life from I guess somewhere between the wars, a timeless sleepy village with a timeless sleepy river at the heart of the story.

Going to sign off now and hope my testicle departments stop hurting as much as they do (see last Thursday’s post). Think I over did it a bit yesterday with the mega wicket haul that England chalked up. Should have declared sooner thinks I.  Should have not jumped out of my seat to celebrate wickets, boltered by the temporary pain and sense killing properties of beer, thinks I. Hope I’m OK for the morrow.

Anyway – I’m going to wrap up properly now. It’s ages since I’ve done that – just a blur of blog where I’ve just typed the thoughts as they enter my head without any thought to structure or purpose. Wonder if anyone is still reading this far down?

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