It’s mid week already

Wednesday tomorrow. That sounds better in the closer to the grand weekend scheme of things than it’s Tuesday. That’s come around quick. I’m just writing a quick blog now because I’ve got a ‘meeting’ in The Swan on The Stray soon. Busy day at work. Interesting, productive and sense of achievement giving. Time flew by. Had a great chat with an old friend for most of the way home (hands free – the phone, not the driving). He told me about his better half’s new blogging project – she’s keeping it under wraps for the time being but it sounds really interesting.

Right – I’m about out of time now so I’m going to sign off for now. I may (or may not) add more later.


It is now later. Pub was interesting. Turns out my mate has got a fascinating and very plausible idea for a business.

As well as that, I’ve been looking at holidays and playing with (yet another) new technology in social media called snapchat. Interesting – the idea is that you send someone a photo or short video and it self distructs – totally dissapears of both devices after a specified time ie 5 seconds. Disposable media. Look me up if you get it.. I am dragondrop

Right. Sleeps.

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