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From conversations I’ve had, I know that some people are going to love this idea of this, some, hate it. The photographer in me loves it because I’ve learned  that to get a good photo, you often have to take tens, scores, hundreds of mediocre photos.  The 365 blogger in me loves it, because of the idea of documenting at regular intervals. The side of me that’s dabbled in timelapse a fair bit see artistic opportunity here as well, in the resultant body of works curation. The web nostalgia lover in me looks at this and thinks – it’s a webcam – that you wear. Webcams were one of the first way cool hardware peripherals to the internet.  The notion of a wireless webcam -that lives on a person – although not a new idea, hasn’t been done as neatly as this before.

Memoto’s job is to be a weatherproof, lightweight camera that only needs recharging every couple of days, that takes a 5MP, GMP tagged photo every 30 seconds and transmit it to a private (or otherwise, I presume) repository on the internet. 

This product as well as the concept has a lot of things that I’ve dabbled with, brought together into one simple little box. I’ve written about wearable cameras before – extensively over the last 10 years about the Casio WQV range of watch cameras, which was largely responsible for the birth of in 2000. I’ve wowed and marveled about things like the Looxcie and more recently Google Glass but the difference here is that it’s always on (unless you unclip it). You don’t have to decide to save or record – it does it automatically. Very soon, it would become a habit, and before long, you’d have it recording most of your life as standard.

Have a look at their site for videos and more info – they’re doing this as a kickstarter type thing – so looking for early adopters to buy in to fund the production.. If anyone wants to sponsor me.. he said hintingly.. I’ll take the graphite version please.



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