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  1. Me and my dad. Christmas, 1984.
    Me and my dad. Christmas, 1984. at |

    […] quite as wow factor 10 as the photos of my dad and I that had developed from a camera that had been sat around for about 30 ye…- but still – a pretty cool […]

  2. 365 Project – COMPLETE
    365 Project – COMPLETE at |

    […] I wrote a spate of technology articles, on such subjects as Interior orientation, the Techno pushchair and Lifelogging by Memoto and wondered  Where will Nokia be 5 years from now. I did some experimental photography and wrote about it in a piece called Double X, X-Pro. Speaking of experimental photography (a hobby which I’ve docuemtned frequently throughot the year) the best result was when I found a 30 year old camera with film still in it. […]

  3. Summer 2017
    Summer 2017 at |

    […] loads when I was a kid – it’s the same place I wrote about in the blog post ‘Me circa 1980‘ (when I found an old camera with some undeveloped film in it that I processed and it had […]

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