Walking down the paint isle in DIY shops can’t help but make you smile a bit when you’re called Matt.  A whole selection of objects with my name in big letters, plastered on the front of them. Incidentally, I think the PC way of describing me should be ‘Caucasian’ though, for the record…



So today, I’ve put a bunch of paint to good use – not the stuff pictured above – I opted for Homebase’s own brand of ‘Just One Coat’ which it clearly wasn’t. I paid extra money because they told me it would save me time. It did not as I’ve had to do two coats anyway.

In the olden days, if you wanted to complain to a company about something, you either wrote them a letter or sat in a hold queue to get through to their complaints department. A modern way is to spout something on twitter, which is what I did;

They’ll either come back to me with a hassle free, positive, customer concentric response like a modern, service focused company should, or I’ll think of them as a wrong ‘un, and put my business elsewhere. I’m guessing though, they will come back to me in a positive way, as the bigger retail and service companies have switched onto the fact that if they’re seen to be doing good on the social networks, then it’s good for business. Trust is worth it’s weight in gold in commerce today.

I got it all finished though – it helped that I’d had an unexpectedly early start, as my mate Dark was last man standing at a stag do in Harrogate, and was kicking around at 06:45 wondering if I was taking the dog for a walk. This was really more of a loosely disguised blag of a lift home. Unexpected bit of an early morning laugh later, and I’d given him a lift home to the other side of the A1 (tip top) motorway, leaving me up and at ’em nice and early.

Elsie (a dog) ‘helped’ with the gloss work..


I didn’t notice this until half way round a mini mid afternoon walk with her and Annie Mo. Got most of it off now.

Having the kitchen in a fair state of upheaval gave us a great excuse to go out for tea tonight – which we’ve just done – for a splendid fish supper. Drake’s fish and chips restaurant on Knaresborough Road Harrogate for the record – excellent.

So – another weekend has flown by. Let’s see what this week brings!

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