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I was taken aback by this sight this morning. A Bright pink tree with a rich blue backdrop of a sky. I stopped for a minute and soaked it in.

Undoubtedly the best part of the day today (07:00 ish – dog walk round The Stray) – the weather set in to rain by mid morning and it’s been damp (at least where I’ve been) ever since. Take what you can, that’s the way I’ve learned to appreciate the British weather. It perhaps makes the clear, calm and warm weather days (or minutes) all the more special because we don’t know when we’ll get the next one or how long it’ll last.

This was snapped with the phone I’m trialing at the moment a Nokia Lumia 920 – pretty impressive result. Carl Zeiss optics seem to to the trick (in strong light settings such as this, at least). I like the way it uploads in the background to SkyDrive – the same way Android uploads to Picassa (there I go again with the comparisons) but I’m preferring the Microsoft way over the Android way – for this bit at least. I’ve also become a big fan of PhotoBeam – which ‘instantly’ (no wires, no uploading, downloading, logging in, pen drives, etc) displays the photos you’ve got on your phone on the nearest screen. I’m probably going to do a more in depth review on my overall experience soon, so don’t want to steal my own thunder too much.

As well a full day at work, I’ve been tinkering with the site a bit – trying a few things out. Settled on minor changes (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it) but may at some point do something a bit bolder. I’d quite like to ‘go large’ with all the photos for instance. For now though, I’ll just hope that people figure that clicking on a pic makes it go big. Try it now for a the full ohh-ahh-o-vision effect of the above blossom.

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