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Resumed progress on project finish kitchen. A project that started last October in a very intense fashion for a month – we swapped rooms around making our old dining room our new kitchen, which involved removing a skip full of chimney and re plumbing the boiler, rescuing our Belfast sink and digging new waste water channels and all sorts.

We had Christmas, then we had an unexpected Elsie dog vet bill, we had a baby. All of these things made project finish kitchen hard. Tonight though, I have had my tools out. Building and drilling, hammering and measuring. As a result of a flurry of recent activity, kitchen is now decorated and has two wall cabinet carcusses hanging that it didn’t have a few days ago.

At one pointn tonight I usilised every member of the family apart from Annie Mo, to help me hang a very high cupboard. I like building things and doing DIY unless it goes wrong. Then it sucks. Tonight though, touch wood, none of it has gone wrong. Chill time for a bit now though.

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