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Even if I didn’t have kids, I’d probably want one of these pushchairs. They’ve got more features than my first car had. As well as the touch button robotic folding and unfolding mechanism (see video below), it’s got daytime running lights, path-finder lights, a mobile phone charger, cup holders and an LCD display that displays pedometric information – such as how far you’ve walked – and even a temperature gauge. If you’re wondering how often you’ve got to re charge the batteries to power all that – in theory – never, because it’s got a built in ‘charge while you walk’ system.

Pushchairs are one of those fields of innovation that pretty much paused about 15 years ago, when the last big ‘game changer’ appeared – the three wheeler ‘off road’ buggy. We were one of the first in the UK to get one, buying one at a fair old price from an American chap who’d brought it over with him. The looks and comments we got as we walked down the street (or dirt track, as was the wont of our dirt track enabling buggy) were testament to the new era of baby transport design – a design that is now fairly commonplace. Whereas the three wheeler brought a new design concept to light, this ‘stroller’, I don’t think will be such as inflection point game changer, due to it’s £920+ price point.

I don’t think it’s been pushed too hard as far as sales go over here in the UK – places like John Lewis have picked them up, but I’ve not seen it advertised anywhere. It may well come up against a cultural stumbling block, if it does: Lexicon. Everything about the current branding I’d guess wouldn’t sit well with most Anglo Stirlingites. In The States, it’s called a 4Moms Origami Stroller. Roughly translated into Yorkshire speak, that’s; F’ Mums Fancy Folding Pushchair. There. Fixed it.

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