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Timings of tonight have dictated that my blog of the day/ 365 is short. You be the judge of sweet.

Its 23:20, my phone battery has died and I’m out. Option 1: go home and blog, Option 2: borrow friends phone, download WordPress and blog from hither. 2 (clearly)

So! …we’ve been out. We won a meal in a raffle for So! Bar and Eats Harrogate. Odd place, mainly due to the ex old school pub cum eatery roots, but also perhaps due to the identity crisis that thwarts oh so many pub cum eatery places of its ilk. We arrived to a packed noisy, confusing place. Atmospherically noisy? Not so sure. After a while our order was taken, wine deposited into glass (would madam like to taste ceremony left by the wayside). We were told it could be can hour for our food. This didn’t sit well as we’d booked and I was hungry. Non the less a nice bottle if red (from an excellent wine list) helped us pass the 40 odd minutes.

Watching the food come out was interesting – hardly any of your standard stuff on plate presentation. Everything from planks of wood to cardboard boxes, galvanized baskets and miniature buckets. How novel.

Food was OK – Eirene thought her chips were a bit underdone and my steak was unevenly cooked – not so that I’d send it back, but far from the perfection but we don’t like to talk about it self image portrayed. The tomato had a hint of tired oil. Not bad though, but given that Harrogate has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the UK, it may be a while before we choose to go back.

Now though, I am sat at the back of a tip top reggae gig at Zoso in Harrogate. Tip top. I’m getting involved.

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