We’re just back in from a day out at the sea side. Last night we enjoyed the mildest night whilst camping I can remember in ages. A night who’s sky went straight from twilight to dawn, skipping the pitch black bit entirely. We put the world to rights, drank some, played some, talked some. This morning was foggy headed and functional. We got up, stuck camp and trundled the last few miles it was, to the coast.

I thought I’d been to Filey before, turns out, I haven’t. It wasn’t what I was expecting – in an a good way. What I thought I was getting was a dinky sea side town, what I got was (what felt like) a different planet at times, whilst on a walk we went on.  A double decker of a town – the town part sits atop a steep incline whilst the bottom of the hill has a huge sweeping beach and Filey Bridd – a spit of rock that juts out to sea. If Flamborough head is the nose of the man in the Yorkshire coastline map, Filey Bridd is his eyebrow. It’s got a fairly symmetrical feel when you get to the bottom deck, owing it’s position, snuggled at the back of a wide bay, and the promenade which expands left (North) and right (South).


We chose North, and after cockles and ice cream (separately) we settled down and merged with our friends who we’d spent the previous night camping with. A busy little area, lots of tourists – this bit was the very Yorkshire seaside experience I’d been expecting.

Bruce – Elsie’s best friend was taking one of his owners for a walk, away from the throngs, so we tagged along. A fascinating walk it was to boot, altogether wholly unexpected – from a geological perspective, illustrated in rock and seeing how the incredible forces of nature changed, and is changing the landscape. Some of it over millions of years, some of it over decades. Fascinating also, to see the sea lion pup, with a dog like expression, from very close quarters,


then plotting the map of the Yorkshire coast line from our vantage point at Filey Brigg – South, towards Flamborough Head and North towards Scarborough and down.

coast towards Scarborough An appetite had been well and truly build up by the time we returned and the Capitol suggestion of Fish and Chips had already been well and truly floated by that point. The cliff tops at Filey Country Park was our food rendezvous where we ate and drank tea in the comforting crook of our van, our friends van and a windbreak. It’s great having a portable hamlet.

The traffic on the way home was awful. I’d forgotten about the A64 after a nice day on a Sunday when half of Yorkshire tries to get home from it’s day or weekend on the coast. It didn’t dampen our spirits that much though, as we chatted about all the lovely things we’d been up to over the weekend.
This weekend has flown by – sign of a good weekend. As of now, I’ve got a bath run upstairs that I badly need to soak in. I’ve chucked a bunch of photos up to my flickr stream if you’re interested – here’s all my other photos, tagged Filey.

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