I sent a life changing email this morning

I was poised over the point of no return, with a single finger – the left mouse button, whilst my mouse pointer hovered over the virtual send button. Up until that point, I could have retreated. I pressed send. The time was 09:04.

The email was to my superiors at my place of work, handing in my notice. This same place of work that Ive  been going to for 7 years (1 week and 1 day) after what was initially billed as a 6 week contract. The comfort zone, the feet under the proverbial table, the little pond.

I pressed send. Propelling my fate towards the big wide yonder.

See, I’ve been offered a new job. A job that promises to offer fresh challenges, new horizons and spectacular views (from the top floor of the highest building in my home town). It’s always been my policy on DragonDrop.org to never reference by name, my employ and I’m not sure if I’m going to pursuit this foible or not with my new job, as there’s so much to shout from the rooftops about with it. There’s already been so much that I’ve not been able to say – the emotional roller coaster of a heavyweight interview process, the nail biting wait, the serendipitous jigsaw puzzle of life bringing it about in the first place.

I’m going to be an eCommerce Consultant. I’ve held a very similar title in a past life, and (even though I say so myself) was rather good at it. I live and breath internet and helping others make their own corner of the internet as tip top as can be is something that I’m now going to be empowered to do. It’s kind of a dream job. It’s amazing that (these kind of gigs don’t come up very often) it’s in my home town, for a kick ass agency with a stunning address.

I’ll miss aspects of my old (past tense already?) job. On days like today, I’ll miss the commute – carving a path over the Yorkshire Dales, across the Wharfe and The Aire, but in the drudge of winter, I won’t miss it in the slightest. I’ve just calculated that I’ve driven just under 100,000 miles too and from there. That’s a lot of motoring. My new job will unlikely involve travel, adventure, hard work and creativity. Some of my favourite things.

I’m still in negotiations with my current employ over the exact terms of my exit, but I’ve done the hard yards – I’ve told ’em, I’m off. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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