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  1. Dave P
    Dave P at |

    Idiots! they should all do community service on the spot fines. Undercover litter cops. Dunno how they would prove it was them though

  2. Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones at |

    I concur, walked round hebden late last night and same deal.. Disgusting, says a lot about a person that can happily discard their picnic, cans, tobacco packets and bottles etc and not think twice.. Probably the same noblets walking round town with their tips off in scorching 15 degree heat…

  3. Dave B
    Dave B at |

    Some people are unfortunately of the persuasion that someone else will fix it for them. I’m always perplexed by seeing people leaving, say, an empty drinks can on top of some kind of street fixture that isn’t a bin (or shoved behind a BT box or on top of a postbox). They must think it holds some kind of authoritative value, therefore will “do” instead of the bin down the road. The man owns it, so the man can deal with it.

    I gave up trying to remonstrate with litter bugs after seeing a woman wind down her rear window to let her 2 year old chuck his litter out of the car into the street. Saddest thing I’ve seen in a longtime. She was quick to jump out and start being threatening for me being ‘disrespectful’, but then she was still wearing pyjamas at 4pm so I suspect her personal dignity would have to be improved before she gave a shit about anything outside her own little world. Bah.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    in 100% agreement with you. The litter is disgraceful and a horrible eyesore, such a shame on a beautiful piece of land we should feel privileged to have. Glass bottles and burnt out barbecues across the the Stray is disgusting, but hopefully this area will clear up when the Fair leaves. As for the other areas, tighter regulation needed and a higher community support/police presence.

  5. Karen
    Karen at |

    Perhaps we could photograph the litter louts then plaster their images on twitter after forwarding to Harrogate council. I already do this for people who don’t clear up after their dogs.

  6. a
    a at |

    Tolerate it. Problem solved

  7. sarlacpit
    sarlacpit at |

    Disgusting behaviour. The culprits should be made to live on the local landfill for a week.

  8. Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson at |

    It makes my blood boil. I run on Regents Park most mornings and it’s the same thing. Either buckets of KFC with cans of lager or Waitrose bags with the remnants of some preppy picnic left in a heap and spoiling what is otherwise a beautiful part of London. The thing that gets me is there are giant bins provided and they can’t be arsed to walk just 30 metres. As for the barbecues, they’re banned on Regents Park yet people use them anyway so even when you ask nicely people are going to do what they want anyway. People want to enjoy attractive open spaces but they don’t want to contribute even a moments effort to keep them that way, it’s always someone elses problem. I must stop now or I might explode.

  9. Mrs Moons
    Mrs Moons at |

    Just come back from France – no litter in 400 km and 4 days of driving around. None. Just a LOT of pride in their towns/villages. I think there is a rise of people who have no respect or pride in the area they live in. ‘Someone’ else will sort it. No sense of personal responsibility. It broke my heart to come home to my own litter-strewn streets. Including a horrible fly-tipping hot spot. I don’t know what the answer is 🙁

  10. Mrs Moons
    Mrs Moons at |

    The other thing I am increasingly aware of, now I have a dog, is how much broken glass there is EVERYWHERE. Particularly of the small green stubby beer bottle (ie cheap) variety. That sickens me. Particularly when my dog got two cut paws in two separate incidents in two separate locations within a fortnight.

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