Nel’s Birthday Camp


We’re at Bobby Bee’s campsite, Burton Flemming. We arrived mid afternoon to a full compliment of happy campers. We’ve had a massive game of cricket and are starting prep for an evening of food, fire and fun.

A cracking campsite – quirky and unique. The weather has been AOK. The scene around me right now – two dogs (Bruce and Elsie) are playing their perpetual ‘jumpy on the head’ game, Annie Mo is cloud watching on a little patch of grass by my feet. Portishead is playing in the background (a recording from last night at Glastonbury Festival) and wood (from a tree limb I picked up en route) is being sawn. Ball games of every imaginable format, more people have just turned up.

A lovely mix of people. A lovely mix of dogs. Hoping that I’ve got enough bandwidth on this tethered portable hotspot to push this post up.

Right – Annie is making early warning pick me up noises.. ttfn.

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