Scraping the bottom of the Apple barrel?


Earlier this week, Apple hosted their big flagship show – WWDC – where they typically reveal the latest earth shattering, world changing products they’ve had up their secret sleeves – like the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac Book Air, etc. etc. etc. This year, they revealed the latest Mac Pro (pictured above) – the Mac computer designed for the desk based professional; typically developers, designers, producers – content and media people.

I’m one of the above. This is supposed to resonate with me. It doesn’t. To me, it’s looks like a tub. A bucket. A barrel. A plantpot or a public ashtray. It is bristling with power and it’ll no doubt it’ll be ultra slick and reportedly, the cylindrical design does have some scientific foundation in cooling fan physics but I’m thinking.. is this really your best shot? First impression factor, isn’t all that (in my humble opinion).

All eyes were on Apple on Monday – apart from Microsoft staffers and hangers on, who were at a Microsoft E3 press conference, perhaps stupidly or brilliant scheduled at the same time. In the back of a lot of people’s minds, was probably the thought  – has Apple lost it’s magic, now the Steve Jobs has logged in to the big iCloud in the sky? He’s been gone a year and a half now, last years show was still heavily influenced by the him. It was as if the fanboys gave the company a respectful period of mourning, not asking for too much.  We’ve had the iPad mini, and a couple of other revisions – but no real evidence of fresh vision.  Some say Steve Jobs was the vision, the genius – some say he was the Apple.

Tim Cook (the new big cheese) has got a really tough act to follow. Jobs revolutionised the way we do so many things. Tim Cook was brilliant at supply and delivery – that was his thing, but now he’s the ultimate Sea Lord of Apple? Is he still steering the fleet to the Brave New World? Will he create the hallowed version 1.0 game changers that Jobs did?  Commercially, Apple are still doing really well – the dominant force in the smart phone world with 48% of all smart phones being the iPhone for instance, but it’s the innovation bit that is perhaps stagnating. What we’ve been given here is essentially an updated version of what we had before, in a new case.

At least worldwide marketing VP Phil Schiller is still a firm believer : “Can’t innovate any more, my ass” was his comment when he whipped off the dust sheets on the new Mac Pro at WWDC. I’m just hoping that I’ve got the punctuation in the right places on that quote.


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