Something’s happened today that I can’t talk about just yet, but is rather exciting. I’ll come back onto that in a later blog, no doubt.

The rest of this blog is likely to be me waffling on about nothing in particular, like so many of my blogs used to do, but don’t do as much these days. These days I’ve generally got an observation, some analysis or some reportage to braindump but today, it’s just me and the first things that come into my head (well, second things, because the first thing is the ‘something’ that I referenced in the first sentence that I’ve already stated I can’t talk about just yet.

OK here’s one…

A lot of the old school blogs – I’m talking geocities, early, wordpress and livejournal sites were the ‘just someone waffling’ format. One person and a voice about nothing in particular. It then seemed to branch – a lot of good bloggers monetised, specialised or otherwise got smart. A lot gave up. A lot of new blogging started – facebook, tumbr, et al and whilst there’s some good content out there, the midform art is dying out. The blogs where people just rant or speculate, express and digress.. seem to be less common. That’s probably a good thing, yet I do miss the maverick days of blogging a bit. Stuff moves on though, the social network is what was blogging, what was forums, what was mIRC. It’s now called other stuff.

Makes me wonder, what’s it all going to look like in another 15 years? Things like gaming (technically) has reached  bit of a zenith at the moment. Technology (processors, consoles, etc) have done all the ‘coming on leaps and bounds’ they’re likely to do for a while – expect a bit of evolution, not so much revolution. Same goes with blogging/social: Surely – internet speed and availability is a governing factor on social networking (ne blogging) and surely, that’s now getting close to being as much as we can eat now.

I guess (and I’ve signed off like this before) we’ll just have to wait and see what something, that future holds…   

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