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I write two main types of blog. Those that are about something else, and those that are about me and/or my family. I’d had a great idea for a blog about something whilst I was in the bath this morning but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Hopefully it’ll come back to me. I remember it being really interesting, and I’d structured it in my head. I think I germinated the thought of it last night, but I can’t be sure. The bath is one of the few places I have not way of making notes. Perhaps I should get a divers pad and pen.

In the absence of having something else to write about, I’ll note the highlights of this weekend… A duvet day yesterday, punctuated by a really early (05:30) hour or so dog walk around The Stray, then, not much else bar collecting the boys from a scouting thing they’d been on. Last night Eirene and I hung out with friends for a while, under the stars by a wood fire, drinking wine, eating cheese. Nice.

Today – a bit of a trip to the top bit of The Valley Gardens – my fave bit – just before it turns into the Pine Woods – which is especially beautiful this time of year. It’s actually an arboretum up there with scores of different types of tree. I then gave a friend several lifts around town as she was running chores for a friend in hospital.

Tea -was a simple, steady away BBQ (as pictured above) for just us +1 before reading Sophie chapter 2 of the new book we’re getting into – The Borrowers. Great book.

Another weekend has flown by. All good (apart from the cricket). Ready for a week of (hopefully) buckets of inspiration and interesting stuff to do.

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