What’s in my bag? (version 2)

CLICK HERE for the annotated version.

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A few years ago, I spotted a group on flickr called “What’s in your bag?”. The idea is, you take the contents of your bag, spread it out and take a photo of it all, preferably followed by the meticulous annotation using the flickr note tool. I first did this in December, 2006 (click here for that version)

It’s fascinating to see what other people carry round on a day to day basis. Today, my bag was jam packed (but still closable) as I’m working from home for a couple of days and needed to cart a bunch of stuff home from work – but a lot of the above, is my every day carry bag. These days, I often carry a bluetooth keyboard around with me as well, so I can blog from the field.  I’ve got another version of an every day carry bag, when I’m out walking or geocaching which includes GPS, water, leatherman, maps – that kind of thing… I may do a what’s in my bag country edition at some point.

The main groups on flickr, containing literally thousands of meticulously curated ‘whats in’ examples can be found here and here.

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