Diesel on the road
Motorbike man flipped and fell
Ambulance, I called.
The police turned up
The man on the bike looked dazed
Ambulance helped him.
It was quite a shock
Blue lights arrived in numbers
They closed the whole road.
Police assured me
That he was not hurt badly
Relieved, I drove home.
Earlier today
AskMrMatt.com spoke
in response to Qs.
He answers questions
The subject is up to you
He’s real (not robot).
What to blog tonight?
Was the question I asked him
A surprise answer.
Gheorghe Zamfir’s music
and how he’s inspired millions.
Challenge accepted.
Pan Pipes and Andes
I’d not heard of him before
Cheese cliches abound.
Romanian born,
he brought pan pipes to main stream
Millions bought one.
Before all this stuff,
Colleagues and I were talking,
’bout collective nouns.
Parliament of owls?
Implausibility? : Gnus.
I tweeted the rest.

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