Half way point.

Today is the half way point of the year. It’s the same amount of time to 2014 as it is from 2012. The significance of this, and this very blog post are intrinsically linked, see, I decided on the morning of January the 1st, that I was going to blog every day this year. So far, I’ve not missed a day. I’ve reported and mused, analysed and proffered, spouted wisdom, spraffed bobbins. Don’t mind me, I’ve been enjoying myself.

It’s been a big year already for me. I think the “I’m 40 later this year” factor possibly has a lot to do with it, but I really do think the writing of a blog every day has kept my drive to do more and more, in the red line. I’ve sat for hours behind this keyboard pouring words and pictures into this site, but I’ve spent more hours still doing stuff – arguably so that I’ve got stuff to write about.

A few days ago I wrote how I’d made a blog post private as it wasn’t the right time to go public with something. Well, I can now go public with said thing – the post in question was about me handing my notice in – I’ve got a new job as an eCommerce Consultant for a brilliant looking firm. I’m very excited about that, and whilst I have a personal policy of keeping work separate from DragonDrop.org, the significance is something I’ll add to the mix here, in context of the last 6 months being quite remarkable for me. I mostly excited about the prospect of making more internet and making the internet better. That’s one of my favorite things to do, but I’m also excited about the prospect of adventure – the new people I’ll meet, the new things I’ll see, the new stuff I’ll find out about, the new places I’ll go. I start at the back end of August.

Adventures a plenty and all systems go.  I started out with this blog tonight as a simple list, then padded in the above paragraphs. The list itself is now a bit disjointed from the content, but I’ll leave it in anyway. The list (below) shows the most popular blog posts (by number of readers) for each month. Quite interesting results…

January: Procrastination Elf and the Final Version
February: The demise of facebook?
* March: The birth of Annie Mo
April: Culley, Dragonfly and Smith
May: Me circa 1980
June: Some photos from AllanGate

… I wonder what the next 6 months will bring. Only time will tell.

*The most popular post ever on DragonDrop.org.

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  1. Simon Anderson
    Simon Anderson at |

    Congratulations on the new Job, Matt. Is it closer to home?

  2. Strangely Indifferent
    Strangely Indifferent at |

    Congratulations on your new “situation”, and blogging every day for 180 days is a feat!

  3. Andy Backhouse
    Andy Backhouse at |

    Your Blog is an inspiration to us other bloggers – keep up the great work, Matt!

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