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    Thanks for everything that Eirene and you are doing to support milk banking. Just to clarify – there are 17 milk banks in the UK and UKAMB is the charity that supports milk banking but as an organisation it doesn’t operate or run any milk banks. The milk banks operate within the NHS although some are partly charitably funded. I am disappointed that your health visitor wasn’t aware of milk banking given that UKAMB exhibits annually at conferences that health visitors attend and articles on milk banking regularly appear in the medical literature that you would expect health visitors to read…. We will be trying to address this though and I will share your blog with all the UKAMB volunteers. At the moment our main priority is to ensure that neonatal units know how to access donor milk even if they don’t have a local milk bank. Many thanks again and all best wishes to you and Eirene and Annie Mo. (Gillian Weaver)

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