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Yesterday, instagram (owned by facebook) announced on their tumblr blog (owned by Yahoo!) the ability to embed instagram hosted content on stand-alone websites and blogs, such as this one. To serve  as an experiment to see what it does, and what it looks like, here is my first use of said functionality.

I’m particularly interested to see how it handles the image in the capacity of social share. I imagine it’s very in-tune with facebook’s Social Graph, but I’m more interested to see how it works with twitter.  Recently twitter changed the way it served instagram content from displaying them inline, to not displaying them inline, when they were shared on the twitter network. This struck me as a classic taking home of ones bat move – but not the first time that the ‘big boys’ of the internet have acted like little boys having a sulk.

The photo is of Annie and I with our dog Elsie on the bit of The Stray in Harrogate that the council have purposefully left to go to clover (which I’m a big fan of. It’s nice going for a hack through the long grass). Eirene snapped it using my phone on our pre work walk this morning.

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