Blogging with a 3G Kindle

I always travel with a kindle. Back in ‘The day’ – the hitchhiking, ultra budget travelling days of youth, a backpack represented my entire worldly material whole. Everything had to fit into the backpack including books. I had typically 1 guidebook of the country I was in and 1, perhaps max 2, paperbacks.I would trade or swap books when I finished them or changed country. Some people chose to take the luxury of music along, which involved a walkman and casettes. I once met someone who had over 10, yes 10 tapes with him. Imagine the wow factor of having something the size of a matchbox that could hold days upon days worth of music for the price of a pair of shoes fifteen or twenty years hence.

Now when I travel (read holiday) I take a kindle. instead of a 3 book limit I can take a sizable library of up to 4000 or so books. Novels, reference (including guidebooks and Frech Country Cookery books which are in use today). I’ve even got The Entire Works of Shakespeeare with me. In the same way casette boy would have been wowed by the music travel tech of the future, I would have been wowed by the book travel potential of the future.

The ultimate wow factor though, from my early twenty something self on the travel tech of the future, would be kindle’s FREE 3G internet for life. Sure, it’s black and white and a bit sluggish but it means I can access the ultiamte references of google and wikipedia and… write blogs usung just a kindle – as I’ve done here.

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  1. nana
    nana 21 August, 2013 at 11:16 am |

    Glad you are feeling better,we,David and self are most impressed with your eloquent blot and think you should write a book. Good luck and safe travelling Nana

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