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We should all encourage my old friend, (yes old) to add more to his new blog : 60000 miles per year

He’s an actual artist – an award winning Fine artist of a brilliant calibre (par exemple) who is undoubtedly going to be recognised as such one of these days. Possibly after he’s dead like all the true martyrs of art. Artyrs. At the moment, he’s making an  honest crust taxi driving round Harrogate and as a bi-product, he’s collating his observations about the people he’s had in the back (or front) of his cab and the vagaries of life in the hot seat of a car for hire.

I’m actually trying to write this blog whilst he’s sat here, telling me that he’s only ‘old’ for a few more days, as once I’m 40 I can’t call people old. The wisdom of a taxi driver. He should impart some of his taxi knowledge (see what I did there?) to the readers of the interwebs. He should. He randomly gave me a lift home from work this evening in his (yes, you guessed it) taxi and hung around for a bit of tea.

He’s hoping to drive the equivalent of “to the moon” (252,500 mi) and blog about it whilst he earns some honest coin, driving people about in his taxi, as a bi-product.

He said this is the sort of things we should watch, when there’s less noise…

footnote: “The government came along and ruined everything, just as I was getting going.” Said he, just now.


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