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Letter of resignation

I’ve just entered the last hour of a job that I’ve been at for 7 years. What started out as a 6 week contract turned into a 6 month contract, then a year, then two years, then a full time job. To cut a long story short, I’ve had itchy feet for a while now, and felt it was time to ramble on. I start my new job in a week and a bit.

I’ve been wandering round today, saying goodbye to people, tying up loose ends and such – all have which have been accompanied with my inner voice saying “that’s possibly the last time I’ll ever speak to him”, or “that’s possibly the last time I’ll ever go into that warehouse” / use that vending machine / eat cake from the cake trolley / have a dinner from the canteen, etc. Some trivial, some less so – I’ll miss some of the people here – there’s some great and good. If there was one common denominator about the people it would be that they’re pretty much all ‘the goody guys’. They’re all nice,  kind and helpful.

I’ve just had a bit of a send off speech from my former boss – where he said I was an ‘inspiration’ among other very nice words. Great card, and a whip-round which has been converted into an amazon voucher. Nice. (Thanks everyone!)

soon to be ex workplace

I’ll also miss this area that I’ve got to know so well. I’ll possibly drive through on my way to somewhere else – but like so many places, you don’t really know an area until you’ve spent time there. The area – near Barnoldswick (the longest place name in Britain without any repeating letters) has so many hidden gems. I’ve spent many a happy lunch hour hunting geocaches in the area or just walking – each time I went out, I discovered something new. It kept giving up its secrets to me. Today for instance, I found another pocked of the area that I’d not been to before – just a couple of miles from my office – a gorgeous peaceful pond completely off the beaten track..

GoecacheI’ve got a little box of stuff – personal effects – and my plant called Robert – that I’m about to go home with. It feels odd having everything condensed down into one little box.

I’m very much looking forward to my fresh pastures, challenges new, the big blue yonder at my new gig but right now, I feel quite reflective and retrospective. Ho hum. Onward and upwards.

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  1. mrdaviesphysics
    mrdaviesphysics at |

    Do you pronounce it ‘Barlick’ like the locals, or ‘Barnoldswick’ like the other muggles?
    Good luck with new job-thing, whenever it starts.

  2. Ben Oz
    Ben Oz at |

    All the best Matt. shame to see you go!
    Enjoy the wider world and the new challenge ahead!

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