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Well – I’ve completed day 1 at my new job. Lots of learning, reading, filling stuff in, and meeting people. Such a difference from my last job. For one, I can walk to the office in 11 minutes instead of driving for 45 minutes (+ tractor wildcard variance). For another, it was peaceful and quiet. Studious and ‘in the zone’ friendly. My old office was a big open plan space shared with several hundred others, including a call centre. Peace and ‘quiet’ involved headphones and music or getting in early / staying late. Another contrast was the view. Whilst I had possibly the most kick ass desk in the building at my last place – big windows in a big corner pocket of the office, the views at my new gig are absolutely killer. I like staring off into space when I’m having a good think. Lots of space, lots thunk.

I’ve got so much to learn, but so far, its all been totally fascinating. I think I’m going to like it there.

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  1. Robert Linthicum
    Robert Linthicum at |

    I thought you got a new job as a helicopter pilot, based on the photo. Congratulations!

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