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It’s my last day of the summer school holidays – the kids are still off for a bit. It’s been a blast. Highlights would be – getting a new job (yay! – starts tomorrow). The Shakespeare Players in Wales and the week in France. Weddings and picnics, walks and talks, parties and cricket and spending a day with Google people would also probably be in my top ten things of this summer.

Today though has been pure family time. Picnic assembled, we first headed up to a patch of the Nidd near Glasshouses for a picnic, then down to WestEnd, upper Washburn river for a paddle. Jay decided to launch a fossil competition – possibly on the back of knowing that his own submission had a fair chance of a win. Pictured above – I think it must be a fossilised seed. I may have to ask my friend, the man of science Conor, if he knows. He’s already taken on one DragonDrop research project at the moment.. another can’t hurt can it? 😉

Also today, I’ve been uploading a bunch of photos from our recent France trip as well as catching up on a load of file management (It’s the new Rock n Roll) – and sorting out a timelapse video from our holiday balcony..

Plans for the rest of the evening include whipping up some sauteed mushrooms to throw into the Beef Bourguignon I’ve had bubbling away all day, a bath and an early night.. starting… NOW.

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  1. Magda and Phil Marsh
    Magda and Phil Marsh at |

    Have a great evening and go well with your new job, lots of love to all Magda and Phil xxx

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    […] for me to do a bit of a retrospect blog post about the summer holidays, if I hadn’t done one of those within the last few days. Non the less, bags packed, early night routine set in, new shoes […]

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