Mr & Mrs Jones

The happy couple

About 3 weeks ago, an old muso friend from FIRE PARTY days, got married. He asked me to go along and take some photos. “I’m not a wedding photographer you know”, I told him. “I know” said he “That’s pretty much why we want you to take photos at our wedding.” I took loads of kit and had loads of ideas. I wrote about them here.  The photos from the bronica are still at the lab, but I got the photos back from the 35mm cameras today – some good results – not quite what I was after, but still – some stuff that makes me smile, and to me, if a photo does that, it’s won.

cheers world!

Over the last few chunks of spare time I’ve had, I’ve been editing the photos. I shot over 1100 (not including 3 time lapse photos which automatically took 2000+ photos that I’ve since stitched together into a video). My rul of thumb is that if I take enough photos, the odd one will be good. It was hard work, but I crunched it down to under 100 of my personal faves, and stuck them (with kind permission) into a set on flickr.

Mr & Mrs Jones

Click here to view the photo set

A big DragonDrop congrats to you both! x


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