Odd dogness and Bronica shots


Elsie dog (pictured above) did a weird thing at 04:14 this morning. She started barking incessantly. This is exceptionally weird as she hardly ever barks – most dogs that are bread as a gun dog (like Elsie was) do not bark. The second oddity was the time. Something must have freaked her out but when I got downstairs, heart racing, lights a blazing, there was nothing wrong – nothing out of place and she was fine and dandy.  Odd dog.

At lunchtime today, I got a couple of films back from the lab that were shot a few weeks ago on a Bronica ETRS – a beautiful old medium format film camera with a top down viewfinder. Some of the shots are ‘OK‘ but there’s nothing wow factor 10. I’ve seen some incredible stuff done with this camera – unfortunately, I wouldn’t put these shots in the same hallowed ranks!




It was nice though was being able to pop out at lunchtime and pick up films. It feels quite odd popping into town from the office for some reason. I bumped into so many people I knew. That was nice as well. Popping into Harrogate town centre, from the office is something I’ve not done for about 7.5 years. I walked past a thai cafe today that I used to grab an excellent thai red curry from as a treat – I’d forgotten all about it. I may have to resume that habit. They still do it but the price has gone up. bah.

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  1. Simon Anderson
    Simon Anderson 29 August, 2013 at 7:08 pm |

    You’re in Harrogate now then? I assume you were referring to Thai Pavillion near the bus station – great little place that and very under rated. Who devved your films?

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