OK Diner


We have made it as far as the OK Diner, just north of Grantham Newark on the A1. It’s a simulated north american diner. Chequered floor, chuck berry, red tables and milkshakes. Burgers and waffles. Neon signs. Coca cola and other american classic 50s art and print. Chrome. Lots of shiney stuff. Southern (Yorkshire) twang.

Torrential rain a lot of the way up from Dover, which we did in one. The sun broke through the clouds at sundown though. We have just finished an audio book that all of us have enjoyed – from Sophie age 7 to me age 39 – call The City of Ember. Much recommended to keep a car full of family happy for hours on end.

Anyway.. Food is nearly here. I can feel it in my bones.

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