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  1. BenO
    BenO at |

    Ouch! Hope it doesn’t spoil your hol!

  2. Simon Anderson
    Simon Anderson at |

    Blimey Matt. Hope the pain has died down a bit now. I burnt my hand (poppers spilt all over it then ignited) in a club in Manchester when I was 19 and ended up having to stamp my hand out on. The dance floor after also setting a settee on fire. Incredibly painful burns all over palm and fingers of one hand so I totally understand. And it’s excruciating when you take the hand put of water isn’t it? Hope it doesn’t spoil your holiday.

  3. Andy Backhouse
    Andy Backhouse at |

    Get well soon mate – Ow!

  4. mrdaviesphysics
    mrdaviesphysics at |

    Nothing like a good holiday crisis to broaden your foreign language vocabulary!
    J’espère que ça va guerir bientôt!

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