Quite a significant thing has just happened at work. I’ve processed the last ‘new, assigned to my department’ brief that I’m ever likely to process for my current employer. For the last few years, I’ve been a manager of an eCommerce department for a holiday company. One of my daily tasks is to review new briefs and process them – typically assign them out to one of my team, or investigate further, or ask for clarification etc.

I’ve now handed over this task to an interim manager (I’ll still monitor it for the next week) but it means that something that was so important to my daily life, my job, my work, is no longer important – no longer a part of my life. I’d honed down the task to a ‘fine art’ over the years, and the system itself and all the data it contains – as a hub of information – became almost a piece of art in itself. I set up the system, referred to as ‘creative briefs’ in the first place (in a system called Microsoft SharePoint) and know it intimately. In a way, I’ll miss it.

It feels like I’ve just finished reading a massive book. Part of the book was brilliant, part of it frustrating, part of it boring. Visions have been born in there, ideas incubated, wars waged.

I’m still gainfully employed at my current employers for another 6 and a bit days, but I’ve handed over nearly all my responsibility and information now so I’m just kicking about really (hence the reason for this very rare ‘on company time’ blog post).  I’m tying up a few loose ends, got a couple of meetings left and I’m overseeing a few projects at arms length as they make their way into the bright blue world without me.

It’s not quite a ‘so long, and thanks for all the fish’ vibe just yet, but close.

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