Feeling gak

I’m not going to blog about much today, as I’m feeling gak. I think I’m coming down with something. Eirene has given me Royal Jelly, Iron and Vitamin C. I’ve also had paracetamol. I got through work today, it was hard maintaining my 100% all the time personal goal (as I’ve managed up until this point in my new job). Winge winge, moan moan. I don’t do a lot of it, so I’m getting it out of my system now.

Coming home at lunch for a bowl of home made soup and a little power nap was a luxury. It’s ace living just 8 minutes and 31 seconds walk from work. Even if it was raining.

Meh. Sorry for the lack of effort in this particular blog post. I would have had a day off, but I’ve committed to a blog 365 project, I’m nearly 3/4 of the year in and I’d be gutted if I stopped now, on day 265 – particularly as I’m so close to my 365 project PB  – the 365 photo project I got so close to doing a few years ago, until I had my phone nicked from a nightclub in Dublin.

Anyway – I’m going to watch some guff that doesn’t involve to much thinking. I’ll try and be a bit more upbeat later / tomorrow.

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