I’m loving flexi-time. I think it’s pretty much spot on. It’s flexible enough for me to live my flexible life yet it ensures people are in the office enough at the same time to collaborate properly. Basically, I’ve got to start somewhere between 8am and 10am and have between 30 minutes and 2 hours for lunch. I then do my allotted hours per day (7.5 hours a day Monday to Thursday and 7 hours on a Friday) and depending on what time I started and how long I’ve had for lunch, I can finish at the appropriate time. Today for instance, I worked 8 till 1, had half an hour for lunch then finished at 4. This suited me just fine!

My first real chunk of work is under way. I got under the skin of it a bit today. I’m semi relieved that the meeting billed for Thursday in London relating to this has been moved to next Tuesday, as this gives me a bit more time to get stuff thunk.

The kids had their first day back at school today. All went well. Jaygo’s guitar tuition has started up again and Sophie is contemplating the violin whilst Felix is picking up his percussion and piano again soon. All the routines; life will once again get into the weekly revolutions around them.

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