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I’ve had probably my first ‘full on’ day at my new place, it feels like I’ve properly, been a cog in the machine. We’ve been getting a maHoosive proposal out the door – the culmination of weeks of collective effort – and it was all hands on deck in our end of the world. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so involved – I’d had a totally different day mapped out, but this was where I was needed so I got stuck in.

Up until this today, (more or less) I’d been able to plan out my day – typically using my own curious flavour of The Final Version – a priority driven task management system – combined with a splash of pomodoro time block sauce, a sprinkle of the GTD model grouping logic, but today was much more ‘seat of the pants’ territory. I did manage to sneak out and get a madras pasty and a Supercharger Power juice (it had my name written all over it). One gritty conversation, several sparky conversations, a big chunk of time reviewing a huge document, a video conference with a bunch of guys in Indian and Bulgaria (unrelated) and a whole bunch of coffee. Instinctual override. Absolutely awesome end result – the design of it, the content, the approach it was proposing – possibly the best I’ve ever seen in all my 40 years minus 4 days.

So now, it’s Super Cider Friday  (Henry Westons 2012, which puts itself out as a vintage!) and I’m about to sign off. We’ve just had tea at which my boys had a heated debate on how much a human body would cost if you broke it down into the corresponding volumes all of its constituent elements – eg Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen etc. and bought from someone who sells such things. Quite fascinating. Felix thinks at least £10 whilst Jaygo thinks it would be just £2 – £3. I might have to go away now and try and find out.

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