Helluva party


Just about on an even keel again after being knocked slightly sidewards by not only the fun and Jaegerbombs and several cigars at my 40th birthday party, but also by the warmth and generosity I got from everyone who turned up.


It all went well, loads of people turned up and the atmosphere was lovely. Cracking music – 7 DJs and a top notch technical set up – 6 turntables including Technics 1210s and Pioneer CDJs through a Pioneer DJM. Each DJ did about an hour each which kept it brilliantly varied. I got to play congas with Dharma – something I first did first back in somewhere in the early 90s – since then we’ve done hundreds of gigs together. I think musically, we’ve got a special connection. I spun a few tunes prior to that. A bit of Stimming, Patrick Lindsay and this track from Timo Maas that I love. It’s got loads of French talking in it. I should really seek a translation if I’m going to play it out.

Dodsworth kicked things off with a blinder – going through the ages of reggae – and bits of ska, rude boy, trojan stylee. 0-0-7 by Desmond Decker is impossible to not like. Darkus played a stunner as well – slipped in a bit of Gregory Porter’s 1960 What? What. A. Track. It sounded amazing thorough the double PA we had set up – especially as he was using vinyl.  Cloudbass and Johnny Kendal also played stunners – but I was too far gone to record the specifics in my Jaeger-glazed brain.  DJ Trev dropped in after his residency at The Den Harrogate to do a last half hour and pretty much rocked da house.


A blurry after-party at our house that I can’t remember much about. All good though.

A day of chillius maximus today. Recovery mode. I felt awful this morning but a kick about on The Stray with the dog helped clear the cobwebs away, coupled with a steady influx of nutrients. We’ve started up the techno token system in our house again, so the kids are being ace – doing loads of extra chores – including the shopping for tea, so I’ve been able to chill. I did take a camera and shoot a few pics but I left my camera at the club.

If you are reading this and you were there – thanks for coming / playing / smiling / dancing / giving me cards and gifts / buying me drinks! It was a blast. You’re all invited to my 80th by the way.

Photo credit, published with kind permission : A W B A C K H O U S E

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  1. Blake
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    Sorry I couldnt make it Watters. Happy Belated Birthday!

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