I helped Sophie with her homework this morning and we had a lovely time of it. She’s learning about Continents, Countries and Capitals. The home work is in support of learning about that topic – to learn about Longitude, Latitude, The Equator and the lines of the Tropics. I helped, steer her and document her findings but she came up with the idea to use Google Search and YouTube.

We learned – an easy way to remember the difference between longitude and latitude is “Latty Fatty” – you imagine the world is fat and it is being measured for a new belt.  The belt is the line of latitude.

A top tip I’d like to impart to other parents who are doing similar – put the key stage they are at along with your search criteria. For instance, I put ‘longitude and latitude key stage 2’ and came up with a great video explaining it all.

Here’s a link to the finished research document : Sophie Homework

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