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There’s a new night starting in Harrogate tonight, and I’ve got the honour of opening the decks. A night called ‘VIBE’ – I’m going to be doing a progressive house set – mainly new stuff I’ve collected over the past two years, stuff that I’ve selected for high quality production and tripped out sounds and quirky mashed up elements. If that makes any sense then you’ll probably quite like what I’m going to play. If it doesn’t, then come along and find out what it actually means.

As for the rest of the night – DJ Trev’s Dirty Stop Outs guide to Harrogate night life said :

“Zoso bar has been holding some different nights recently, they continue in that form tonight with “Vibe” which is from two of the people behind the now sadly defunct Harrogatealternativeraido and Rife Radio. On the tin it says its about Techno, Minimal House and Baleric Beats, its a nice little bar that is certainly trying out some very underground stuff so should be worth dropping by if you like your beats.”

So yea – check it out, I’ll be on at 9 but it goes on for a while after that. It’s (by the way) at the same venue I’ve got for my 40th b’day bash tomorrow.

More info on VIBE can be found on a website called ‘Facebook’. Here is a link to it’s ‘page’.

Photo Credit : A W Backhouse

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