It’s a school night

¾ of our bin lids go back to school tomorrow. This would have been an opportunity for me to do a bit of a retrospect blog post about the summer holidays, if I hadn’t done one of those within the last few days. Non the less, bags packed, early night routine set in, new shoes purchased and stationary, shirts, bags and everything else that they’d either grown out of or disintegrated, has been replaced. Normally at this time of year, I’d have thought about how the roads would be chocka block – but I don’t have to worry about that as much, working just 9 minutes walk from work as I do now.

I do have my first travel requiring appointment as an eCommerce Consultant for my new employers this Thursday. A first meeting of actual potential clients. I get to go to London village. Slightly ahead of schedule – I’d got quite settled into the perma learn-o-rama schedule that had been comfortably carved out, but due to one thing and another, I’m heading to The Strand (just down the road from the Queen’s house) to see a household named brand about teh internetz. Apprehensive and excited, flattered that they feel I’m ready to see clients – ahead of schedule, worried that I’m not. I’m fairly sure I’ll be fine though. I hope. It’s essentially a fact finding mission – I think my strategy will be to have LOADS of questions ready to ask them, so that they hopefully won’t ask me that many that I don’t know the answer to.

It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry. I’ve got two days to cram as much in as possible, to get up to speed with what’s what. I’d better crack on.

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