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  1. daren
    daren at |

    So sad. One of life’s unmissable experiences. Will miss him.

  2. Jacquie O'Neill
    Jacquie O'Neill at |

    That’s so sad – he was such a lovely man! He was one of my Dad’s co-workers at Harrogate College back in the 90’s. On to his next adventure …..

  3. Alix de Selva
    Alix de Selva at |

    Je n’apprends que maintenant la mort de Laurence, je n’y croyais pas et je lui ai même envoyé un e mail il y a 8 jours pour qu’il me donne des nouvelles et peut être conjurer le sort, je l’ai connu quand il avait 18 ans et qu’il avait fait un séjour chez mes parents dans le sud ouest avec Susan sa femme, mrs Cutting sa mère et la mienne se sont écrit pendant 25 ans sans jamais se rencontrer ! Je suis très malheureuse, pour l’instant je ne puis rien ajouter. Alix Lacome d’Estalenx

  4. Ian
    Ian at |

    I worked with Laurence at Harrogate from 2000 till he retired. He was a great mate and I miss him. We were supposed to be meeting up with another colleague for drinks but sadly he died just before the get together. He was taught by the great Spender hence his own ability with the camera. Catch you later old friend! Ian Glover.

  5. Mark hood
    Mark hood at |

    I too worked with Laurence about the same time as ian glover….. To my great regret, I left and followed the money and left long before I should have… I still own an image he gave me calle Little Sister. He introduced me to the Bell Tavern and good ales. One of those men you meet in life that in some way has… Although brief…. A lasting impact.

  6. Liz Pannett
    Liz Pannett at |

    Laurence taught me in 1964 and 65 at Brighton College of Art and inspired me to love and make black and white photography. Sad to hear of his death, but thank you Laurence for all your help.

  7. Dr.Andrew Stevens
    Dr.Andrew Stevens at |

    Just read of Laurence’s death – he was a great mate when I was at Manchester in the early 1970’s and will be sorely missed – a great wit, raconteur and inspiration.
    Dr. Andrew Stevens

  8. Andrew Hepworth
    Andrew Hepworth at |

    Laurence was one of my teachers when I was at Harrogate art College (the older premises up near the stray) during the late 1970s. I remember him as if it was yesterday. He certainly was a great guy and a good listener as well as an inspiration. One of our fellow students and my best friend passed away after an accident and i will always remember his wonderful and sincere support. Will meet him for a beer soon. Andrew Hepworth

  9. Jeffrey Lear
    Jeffrey Lear at |

    The last picture is how I remember the guy, contemplating, cigarette in hand.

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