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“The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary.”
Arthur Schopenhauer.

If life really does begin at forty, I wonder what all this stuff that’s gone before it has been about. I’ve had a pretty remarkable pre life in that case – with quite a lot under my belt (in more ways than one). I’ve shared nearly half of it with my brilliant wife and soul mate. I’ve got 4 kids, a good career and a sought after skills, I’ve got a house with nearly half a mortgage behind me. I’ve lived in a different country and been to the North American, Australasian, lots of Europe, Asian and African continents . I’ve delivered a baby, I’ve had a VW Campervan and a stupid fast brand new sports car. I’ve been to some amazing parties and have been back stage or on stage at a fair few of them. I’ve travelled business class on long haul flights, complete with fully flat bed.  I’ve been on over 10 stag-dos and 1 hen do. I’ve broken a thumb, never had stitches, had second degree burns. I’ve experienced incredible art. I’ve lost both my parents. I’ve learned how to cook, design, code, play an instrument, take a winning photograph and DJ. I have found a sport that I love. I’ve got friends and family who I’d trust with my life and who I trust would go to the ends of the earth for me. I’ve never been to outer space and have never driven a tractor. I’ve got a dog. I’ve tasted some of the best foods and drink the world has to offer and I’ve got a bar where everybody knows my name. I’ve had some of the finest fun the world knows how to carve up for someone who’s not officially alive yet.

I wonder though, what it really means. ‘Life begins to be better in one’s middle age’ is one definition I came across. Another, from Benjamin Franklin goes “At twenty years of age the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgement.” which I like.

I do feel a sea change. I’ve felt a… slowing down is the wrong word, but perhaps a more considered, less dive in feet first approach to things. A sharpening of my senses. Perhaps a wisdom to back up my instincts. I know how to have fun, I’m reaching for new ways to find my Nirvana.  Finding a way to leave my mark.

I’ve had for over quarter of that pre life time. It feels like a constant. It’s been the one thing that I’ve been totally in control of (apart from a few times when I wasn’t). I’m going to work out what it is that life, which begins tomorrow, apparently is, and report back via the usual channel.

Here we go.

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  1. daren
    daren at |

    Many happy returns old friend. X

  2. Jimy Jones
    Jimy Jones at |

    You have been busy…! Happy birthday my friend, have an awesome party, looking forward to catching up soon..

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