Poised and ready

So that’s of the last of the summer wine, ready for Autumn. Flip flops and sandals resigned for the time being, sun hats for wooly hat, nearly gone are the hot days and hot nights. Mushrooms, harvest, mist on the breath. The dynamic of sleep itself even changes as the nights are cooling, darkness creeping in.

I’m poised and readied myself for autumn I think, as well as the week ahead. As well as the last camp described yesterday (lovely evening under the myriad, chats, malt whisky and fire) I’ve poised and readied myself for the autumn transition week by polishing my shoes, ironing a few shirts and I’ve just fed us all with an immensely satisfactory lamb Sunday roast,  post camping trip. I’ve bathed and shaved, (nearly) blogged and logged all the things I needed to, after a return the the matrix, post weekend field near Filey residency.

I remember a day a couple of months ago at the start of summer (ish) where we worked out we only had one free weekend until after the weekend we’ve just had. It seemed so very far away, but it’s been and gone in the blink of an eye. Good summer.

Given that this is one of those posts where I’m just rambling on, I don’t think many will have done more than skim read and give up by now, before getting on with something else, I can put a note here to my future self, just in case I forget – I need to follow up on the interesting idea for a blog post of the guy who (Eirene’s friend) Kath knows that has been making a wooden spoon every day as a 365 project. That could be an interesting wee plot for a story. Right – I’m off.

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