The view from my office window

View from my office window

I was moved to a new desk today. It’s the third desk I’ve had since I started my new job three weeks ago. Deffo my fave desk out the three. I’m rather hoping I’ll stay there as it’s right next to the window. I’m a big fan of windows.

The image above was created using an iPhone on HDR mode to snap a few overlapping stills, then I dropped them into Microsoft ICE which algorithmically stitches images together by determining the panorama type, then, placing source images together using advanced orientation adjustments – planar, cylindrical or spherical. ¬†Clever huh? Miscrosoft also do a bunch of other stuff, but this is one of my fave things they do. It’s free as well.

If I’d shot a load more sky, I could have probably ended up with something that I could crop a square into, but I quite like the way this one has turned out, so I’m leaving it. The original size is pretty cool to look at and pan about with, if you like that sort of thing.

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  1. Henry Morris
    Henry Morris at |

    You’re looking due south. If you look carefully and zoom in, you can see Ele and I waving back at you.

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