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You can’t just say ‘backpack’ the once, if you’ve had kids in the house over the past 10 years. You’ve got to say it twice, in the style of Dora the Explorer. Backpack is likely to be quite a common component of our family vocabulary, as a result of the momentous “first backpack” walk out this morning. Annie, has finally upgraded to backpack status. The walking and day out potential has just opened up to us again. From the birth of Annie, we’ve managed a few big-ish walks – up to 6 miles (I think 8 being the record) with her in the papoose. Now though, we can go a fair ol’ trek if we like. And (going by the agreeable noises she was making on the 1 mile taster walk around The Stray with Elsie (a dog) this morning) she does like. I does like. Believe it or not, Sophie did like as well (you may not believe it though, looking at this photo of her in her backpack…)

a little bit freaked out by the whole thing really.

She did though. Here’s a photo of her in a backpack looking quite happy to prove it..

Day 193 - Sophie and I

It’s been a while since I’ve had one on my back. It’s great training. I remember getting so used to having the weight of Sophie up there that one day when I didn’t, I trotted up Simon’s Seat (the highest point in Wharfedale) without breaking a sweat.

Anyway – hopefully, we’ve got a few backpack (backpack) based adventures coming up.

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