Brown Eyes


Today has comprised of going to Christchurch on The Stray this morning then a party this afternoon. Sophie had a starring role at church – a reading type thing – she got to stand in the pulpit. Lovely service. Good ol’ sing song. From there we headed up to our friends house near Nidd. There was about 20 – 30 of us, mostly kids. A few beers, a brilliant Sunday roast type carvery and a hang out in the sun. Perhaps the last chance we may get to hang around outside for a bit. Ho hum. Good laughs, good company, good food, good beer. Sophie had her face painted (pictured above). I took my new (to me) OM10 film camera (more on that later) but ran out of film just before the light went spectacular and the party got photogenic. Ahh well. I think I got a couple of OK photos.

I got home and got my digital SLR set up so I could take a nice piccy of Sophie’s face before she washed it off ready for bed. Whilst I had my camera out I snapped this wee guy (below) who’s currently hitching a ride on my birthday dragon (“Horatio” for the record) and noted his eyes were quite similar to Sophies. N’night.


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