Busy yet not busy Sunday.

I’ve had one of those days when I’ve not done a lot, but have done a lot. We’ve not actually done anything as a family, but I’ve been up to all sorts. 1./ I’ve drafted an idea for a post for this Friday night at Zoso bar that I’m involved with;

vibeposterStill work in progress, but I’m starting to like it. I’m not very happy with the copy though : The ‘different DJs bit..’ Anyhoo.. Work In Progress.

2./  I started a plan of a stag do (where I’m a best man) and rolled out the ‘communication piece’ to 36 stags. I employed google forms to help me collate the info I need – availability, that sort of thing.

3./ Walked the dog down to get Jaygo who’s been out on a Scout camp. Tired and muddy boy.

4./ Cooked an epic Sunday roast for 10 people comprising of silverside beef, chicken, Stuffing, carrots, cheese leeks, two types of gravy (red wine beef, white wine chicken) roast potatoes,  cabbage and Yorkshire puddings. The only thing I got out of a packet was the stuffing. It was rather nice (even though I say so myself). The only thing I didn’t do from scratch / got out of a packet was the stuffing. I even hunted the meat myself. Actually, that last bit is a fib. I did go to ASDA though.

Right – I’m going to chill for a bit now before diving into this week, which I’m quite looking forward to. N’Night.

Pic credit and thanks to JFXie for making the above image available under a CC licence.

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