Olympus OM10. Nice Bokeh!

A force to be reckoned with

I love the phrase ‘nice bokeh’. It’s a über nerdy photography thing to say. Bokeh is my favourite word from the whole world of photography. It’s from a  Japanese word that concerns the aesthetic qualities of ‘the blur’ / out of focus region of a photograph. To really push the boundaries of bokeh, you need to make your depth of field (aka DOF – another rather splendid slice of photographic phrasing) as shallow as possible. This can be best achieved by opening the aperture of the lens as wide as possible. If it’s a good lens the focal point will be super sharp which looks amazing (in my humble opinion) when offset with good bokeh.

Annie on solids

The (cult classic) Zuiko 1.8 super-fast prime 50mm lens that I was lucky enough to get with the (cult classic) Olympus OM10 35mm SLR I got for my birthday (thanks again Nanty Neena and Uncle Kerry!) is most excellent at achieving a shallow DOF, therefore, remarkable bokeh.


I shot a roll of Boots 200 as the first film. A film I’ve never used before. The film itself is quite nice – natural tones, very forgiving by the look of things, slightly thrifty on the saturation front though if anything.

Green be seen

I didn’t think too much about what I was actuallyh shooting which is usually a good thing. Very easy to use camera, solid, well built with a fantastic viewfinder (streets ahead of any other camera I’ve got, including my fairly high end but aging DSLR) and considering I don’t know the camera at all, I was very pleased with the results. I’m hoping it’s the start of many great adventures to come.

Sophie's smile


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  1. Simon Andersom
    Simon Andersom at |

    Perfectly circular bokeh is usually the sign of a quality lens as cheap lenses only have a low number of blades to the aperture. The more blades, the smoother and more circular and natural looking the bokeh.

  2. Darkus
    Darkus at |

    Ah, bokey eh? Awesome pics mate, those girls are gonna break a few hearts between them I tell thee…

  3. Chris
    Chris at |

    Liking the dead space on the shot of the leaf

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